Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gotta "Hand" It To You

I've received some negative feedback about my Etsy soap post. I think should clarify some things.

1. I don't hate all shaped soaps. I almost bought a cocker spaniel-shaped bar for my bathroom to match Sadie.
2. I am not attacking Etsy. The maker of these things is obviously very talented with soap creatures. She has managed to make soap look more lifelike than Mattel.
3. Yes, I get the joke. I know it's "hand"soap. I see the humor; just like Al Gore created the internet, I created puns. I get it, but I can't get over the creepiness.

In other news, I'm currently preparing a double-do-something for BF, Lobster and the butter of Lobster's heart. We have to call it a double-do-something since we aren't leaving the house or technically going on a date. For one thing it's raining terribly here; secondly, Boyfriend and I are being hit hard by the current economy (isn't everyone?), so we're limiting our spending; and finally, Lobster and Butter gave up restaurant dining for Lent. Our night will consist of some meaty hamburgers, fermented grapes, fermented hops, homemade treats and Mario Kart Wii. Simple but fab - these usually turn into my favorite kind of night.

So sorry for the boring, boring post. I've been a bit unblogspired, but Sis called me out on my lack of blogtivity, so I figured I'd go standard today and hope for something more exciting later. Anything YOU would like to read about from this little polka dot? I'd love to read your feedback!


Emily said...

I thought the hands were creepy too. And you know what? I DO hate all shaped soaps :) I hate any type of soap bar actually. Strictly a liquid hand soap gal here. :)

jlc said...

I'm loving these words: blogivity and unblogspired. Tell the sis you def aren't boring. ;)

d.a.r. said...

Shaped soaps absolutely creep me out. I don't care how much artistic talent it takes to make little soap creatures, they scare me.

beth said...

I appreciate your post about this, but I guess, from my perspective, I was hoping for a more nuanced approach to your creeped out feeling. why not try to get at what is creepy about the hand soap? Take it a step further--what is the source of the issue?

Lobster said...

Butter?!?! Really?