Friday, February 6, 2009

Absolutely Nothin'

I want to post today. I've prided myself on being consistent and posting every day. My brain is fried mush. I am the least motivated at work that I have ever been, which makes me mad at myself. I'm ready for the weekend - my Sis is on her way home!!! I won't be seeing Boyfriend, which is sad, but I'm excited to have some quality family time. I'm sorry I have nothing amusing, inspirational or candid to share.

I will leave you with a picture, though. This Halloween I decided to dress up (I HATE Halloween... far too scary), so I decided to dress as my pregnant coworker as a surprise to her. We had a party later that afternoon with all of the employees' spouses and children. I can't tell you how many times I got asked my due date - many of them really thought I was pregnant! I hope I look this good when the time com

Can you believe Tyra passed on this?

In other news, I wish I could find Dunkaroos somewhere. Vanilla Funfetti, please.


QueenBeeSwain said...

good thing I tagged you in an easy-peasy, but super-fun post!

happy almost weekend you lovely bubble!


kels said...

hilarious costume!

and I LOVE dunkaroos! let me know where you find them, if you do! woo weekend!!

The Pink Chick said...

I adore your costume! Too funny!

Ruggy13 said...

try BJ's !!!

Always Pretty in Pink said...

They stopped selling Dunka-Roos (sp?) where I work, the only place I can ever find them is the little Dollar General. Random, huh?

Jules said...

Great costume it! I've never had Dunka-Roos, but I think I have seen them at BJ's.

Britt said...

Thanks for the comment...I'll keep your suggestions in my mind.
I too miss Dunkaroos! :-(


Britt said...

Ok, so after reading about Dunkaroos...I couldn't get them off my mind. LOL! So I typed them into Yahoo! search engine and found out that you can buy them on Amazon. Of course you can only buy a 14 pack (6 per box--that's 84 little Dunkaroo packs!) for under $33. That's less than half a dollar per little pack! Whoa!!!

Kate said...

I love Dunkaroos! YUM! I may have to start searching for those again