Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sadie Knows Best

No one would mistake my pup for Einstein (maybe Giselle or Heidi, though), but she knows three tricks (more than half the fingers on my hand): sit, stay (sometimes) and lie down. Last night I decided it was time for us to conquer roll over (puddin' spends 70% percent of life on her back anyway, so this one should be easy). I made the mistake of letting her see me put the pieces of treats in my hoodie pocket, so once I stopped her from burrowing her little nose in there, it was down to work.

Poor Sugar was so confused when I wasn't giving her a treat after sit-lie down (that's usually all I make her do). She would repeat the pattern several times in a row thinking that might help. I started making her stay after lying down and would then push her over. The first few times she was so startled, she forgot about the treat I gave her.

She finally got it after about 2 dozen treats (we switched to ice cubes around the 8th one to help maintain her shapely figure). Er, almost got it. Now she will sit, lie down, then sort of slump on her side with her front paws in the air and just wait until I give her a treat. It's definitely not "roll over," but trick definitions are subjective, right?
I may not even correct her. Watching her perform so enthusiastically and adorably for only 1/3 of a dog biscuit is good enough for me.

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Candice said...

Awww! That's too cute :) My Cooper does the same thing, I wonder if it's something with Cocker Spaniels? But it's adorable!