Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Say Cheese!

Jessica from Looking For Angels has tagged me in a cute little game. The rules are simple... you list six things that make you smile, post the rules and then tag six other bloggers to do the same. So here we go!

1. TV - Gossip Girl, Bachelor, 90210, Top Model, The Hills, The City, Biggest Loser, Say Yes to the Dress... it doesn't matter. I'm watching it.
2. Baking - Nothing cheers me up, relieves my stress, eliminates boredom or makes me happy quite like baking. When I bake, I go all out. Everything's from scratch. No Pillsbury dough for this girl.
3. A Great Deal - I never buy anything full price. I enjoy wearing clothes that I bought for next to nothing. I love heading to Marshall's and just digging. I always make Boyfriend play the "Guess How Much This Cost Game," and I hate when he guesses less than I actually spent. That ruins the fun of revealing the actual price.
4. Games - Any kind. Board, sports, Wii, I play 'em all. Apples to Apples is a current fave (file that away... it may come back around quite soon), and Dance Dance Revolution is a classic.
5. A Really Intense Workout - It takes very little activity to make my sweat (what can I say? I have active sweat glands), so I could really make people believe I've completed a very grueling sweat session after only like 15 minutes moderate, but I LOVE being sore. I love pushing my body and truly using it to the fullest. Besides the endorphin rush, it's just empowering.
6. Abbrev'ing - OMG, I love to abbrev. Sure, it might be immature, but I get such pleasure from making words really short. I have to say, though, that no one does it better than my Dad. He's the master abbrev'er.
7. Headbands - Okay, I know the rules clearly state six, but I thought of a seventh. Headbands are a girl's best friend when she's growing her bangs out, and I have so been riding this trend since even before that biotch Blair Waldorf came on the scene (okay, I really love her), but I'm so excited about all the bows and embellishments everywhere. I'm anxiously awaiting a package of several from Forev 21 (did you catch that tie-in from Numero 6?).

That was fun! Okay... I'm tagging...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love to play games!! It's just hard to get people to play with me.

My boyfriend and I used to play Scrabble together until we spent more time arguing over the legitimacy of words than playing. :)

I just played Apples to Apples for the first time recently....fun!