Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Nest: The Deets

Thank you all for your amazingly sweet comments on my house! It has been so much fun to go from decorating just my bedroom to translating my style to several rooms. There were several themes that came up in your comments and emails, so I wanted to answer you all at once!

1. All of the walls in my house (minus the kitchen) are painted with Benjamin Moore's Bridgewater Tan. I was nervous to make it such a huge part of each room, but it has been the absolute best neutral. My house gets very little natural light, so I needed something that would (a) reflect light and look bright and cheery and (b) keep my rooms from looking dark, closed in and cavelike. Bridgewater Tan was perfect for both of those objectives. I would highly recommend this color to ANYONE.

2. I love my lime green sofa, too! I got a fabulous deal on this couch. It was a floor model at Tyndall Furniture Gallery in Charlotte. It came with both of the cute pillows, and since we took at "as is" from the store, we were able to purchase it for $400!

3. My favorite piece in the entire house (and yours too, apparently) is my super bright, punchy living room chair. I am seriously obsessed with it, and I hate sitting in it because I just like to look at it! The chair was actually Little's and Daddy's forever. It was covered in a very typical navy with a small nondescript print, but for my birthday in July, they gave it to me to choose a fabric and have it reupholstered. Little and I traveled to the Charlotte area's fabric mecca - Mary Jo's in Gastonia.

I had ZERO idea what I wanted the chair to look like (other than something fun), because I really didn't have a style or color palette yet, and this was going to be my first piece of furniture (we hadn't found the sofa yet). This was the first fabric I saw and fell in love with, but we were both worried it would be too, too bright. We kept it in mind but looked for something equally fun and preppy but a bit more subdued. We scoured high and low for a lime green oversize houndstooth, but we couldn't find anything that wasn't outrageously priced (we're all about the thrift).

We left the store, and finding the perfect fabric became the only thing I thought about. When I finally decided to go for my original love, the super helpful (ha) Mary Jo's saleswoman informed us that there wasn't enough of it to cover my chair. I was crushed. I searched and searched for a replacement fabric, but nothing I found was "it." I finally went to the Mary Jo's Web site and tried to order the desired amount of the fabric online. Voila! That did the trick. Apparently the well-informed salesgirl was too lazy to check their warehouse for more of my darling print.

Finally, after what felt like eternities, the upholstery arrived. It was several more weeks before our trusty reupholsterer Moses finished the masterpiece, but I think it was well worth the wait. The orange leopard print that is on my chair's throw pillow and my coffee table/bench is also from Mary Jo's. Fantastic! It's funny to think that I designed my entire house around this chair - that's a little backwards, I think, but I guess it works for me! Glad to know that you lovelies love this chair as much as I do!

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