Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Double Dose of True Story Tuesday

Now that I've outlined my general experience with my senior tennis squad (the only year I was part of the team), perhaps you will better understand what unfolded next...

All fall season senior athletes were honored during halftime at the Homecoming football game. Prior to the game, the athletes (yes, I was included) were asked to complete a bio detailing our histories with our respective teams, sport and teammates. We would then be introduced and escorted on the field by our adoring and beloved coaches (ha) and then our biographies would be read over the loudspeaker. I diligently filled out my form and returned it post haste, then I anxiously awaited that enchanted Friday night.

When gameday finally arrived, I dressed to the nines and linked arms with Coach Extraordinaire. As we traipsed across the field and reached the 50-yard line, the announcer began.

"Polka Dots & Protein Bars has been part of the Providence tennis team for four years. While she has enjoyed the number 1 rank on the squad for the previous three seasons, she opted this year to allow another player to enjoy time at the top and graciously accepted the last spot. She greatly enjoyed her new role acting as the squad's cheerleader rather than its top points-scorer. PD & PB wants to thank her coach and teammates for being so supportive of this decision."

As the poignant and heartfelt words were delivered, my coach's grip on my arm got tighter and tighter. She was furious, but the student section exploded in applause afterward, knowing the reality of the situation. I guess you could say that my coach got served.


Jules said...

HA! You're a fun chick. I would never have had it in me to do that in high school. That must have been sweet satisfaction.

kels said...

hahahaha... hilarious!

Rachel H. said...

Haha!! This is great! :)