Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Don't Even Get AARP Discounts

I have the veins of a 72 year old. That's no secret. I began this lovely little polka dotted online journal during the midst of a pair of vein surgeries. My healing has been going well, and I've almost retired my compression hose.

Today I went for another follow-up appointment and received 16 injections in my legs. I don't have a fear of needles (I love acupuncture), but the solution they injected made my legs burn... badly. Apparently the shots were an additional measure to ensure that my reflux doesn't return, but this has become a neverending process. I will have to go back in a month to receive more. Fabulous.

Following all of the injections, the lovely nurse (who does. not. smile. ever.) bandaged each site with some cotton and tape. This is all well and good, but someone chose to wear a sweater dress, leggings and f'Uggs to be comfy and unimpeded at the office following the appointment. Unfortunately, leggings and cotton balls do not create a great look. My legs look like they have 16 massive growths all over them. Sexy.

On a positive note, I did receive a third pair of compression hose (nude thigh-highs to go with my black pantyhose and black thigh-highs). I was also told that when I return in March, I will get 2 more pairs - knee-highs next... Deja jealous? I think I'm going to head over to K&W Cafeteria for dinner tonight if anyone's interested.


suburban prep said...

As I have DVT I have to wear a compression stocking (thigh high) on my left leg. It has the open toe so that when it is summer in Chicago I can wear sandals. When I first had to wear this a little child thought I had a fake leg.
I hope that your next visit goes well.
Those compression stockings are not cheap.

Mrs. Newlywed said...

ohhh compression tights, huh?

At least you have a sense of humor about it! I had a friend who had to wear them for a bit after surgery, and she was tres dramatic about was somewhat humorous because of her reactions...

jenkins_k08 said...

i just started reading & became a follower. hope you dont mind! great blog

Jules said...

I love that you have a great attitude and can make a funny story out of it!

I hope your next visit is better :)