Monday, March 9, 2009

Your Questions; My Answers Part III

Okay, lovelies... moving on from yesterday, we're back to our regularly scheduled questioning...

xoxo sarabeth asked: What is your most hilarious memory? What is your favorite household/landscaping chore? What would you save in a fire?
a. I have so many hilarious memories, and most of them are documented each week in "True Story Tuesdays." Strange things happen to me, and I can't help by find humor in all of them. One of my favorites, which I haven't written about yet because it's hard to take memories and reproduce them as blog posts is going to Target after knee surgeries (two January's in a row). I got to ride on one of those electric carts, and Lobster used my crutches. I crashed the cart several times, and Lobstina hobbled on my crutches. It's really hard to write this memory and make it as funny as it really was, but trust me; we were both hyperventilating in laughter when we left.
b. My favorite household chore is without a doubt making up my bed. I refuse to leave the house without having a beautifully made up bed. I learned early on in college, living in tiny dorm room, that rooms look so much neater and more organized with a made up bed. Likewise, I also like to change sheets. Nothing is better than fresh sheets - I actually did this just last night! I also enjoy cleaning my kitchen. I'm a little OCD about this. I despise letting dishes pile up in the sink!
c. In a fire I would save Sadie (obvs), my pictures, my laptop (I had my original computer stolen in November, and I lost so many photos and memories - I would definitely take this with me), my orange-pink-green chair (so not practical, but I love it too much to let it be destroyed) and my Paula Deen cookbooks - I met her and had them autographed. I love love love them.

Kim asked me to describe my perfect day:
- My ideal would be nothing too, too over the top. I would love to wake up early and work out hard, then spend the day outside. I would love the weather to be 75-80 degrees and sunny. I would go to a lake and spend the day lounging on the dock and tubing on the lake. As the sun goes down, I'd love to cook dinner with Boyfriend, then curl up and chat away in a hammock with the pups. It's the little things that make me smile.

Lauren asked: If you were a flying monkey, what color would you be and what would you smell like? What is your favorite quote? On a completely free day, what do you love to do? What song describes you in a nutshell?
a. I wouldn't be a flying monkey, because they absolutely scare the crapola out of me. Wizard of Oz was my all time favorite movie growing up, but the flying monkeys were beyond terrifying. Instead I would be Dorothy, but I would wear pink polka dot stilettos, a Lilly dress and pearls, and Sadie would be Toto. I would, of course, smell fabulous. I love Donna Karan Be Delicious.
b. My favorite quote is Romans 12:12 - "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
c. See answer above. I would also love a trip to the mountains or the zoo or pretty much anything. I'm easy to please.
d. This is a tough one! I guess the song that best describes me is "Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews. I'm just your average girl, but I'm proud of that. I would also have to go with "The Warrior Is a Child" by Twila Paris. I think that song summarizes a lot about my spirtual life, and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

Chescka asked: What do you really hate in general? For example: a person, an item, etc.
- Here's my list in no particular order...
a. Tyra Banks
b. Reena from the TRU commercials in NC
c. Apple juice
d. My feet
e. Drinking milk outside or out of plastic cups - if you haven't tried this, please do. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
f. Macaroni & cheese
g. Tea
h. Failing
i. Smoking, cigarettes, tobacco in general
j. Clowns
k. Ventriloquist dummies

Back with more later! As always, feel free to add to the list :-)


jane in the waiting line said...

Tyra Banks and clowns are equally as scary.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! What's your favorite type of pie and why? (And I didn't mean to rhyme!)

The Pink Tutu said...

I love the idea of your perfect day! I am so happy it's spring and warming up.