Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Buzz Worthy Brunch

Hello dears! It's a busy week, but so far it has been amazingly productive and fabulous. On Saturday I'm hosting a brunch/belt party at the Polka Dot Palace, so I've been busy, busy preparing our menu and cleaning house.

I'm planning to serve:
- Mimosas (I might also serve grapefruit juice mimosas - does that sound good only to me? Does that drink already exist? If you read my previous post you will know that I am a mixed drink ignoramus)
- Baked oatmeal a la Preppy Nonsense complete with pecans and dried cherries
- Quiche or mini-quiches - a brunch staple, of course.
- Coffee cake or monkey bread - mmmmm, cinnamon!
- Fruit
- Muffins of some flavor variety
- Citrus Almond Poundcake - checked off the list because I baked it Sunday afternoon and stuck it in the freezer. 1 point to me for proactivity.

What do you think? Too much food for roughly 15 girls? Good balance of sweet to savory? Too munch "br-" and not enough "-unch"? How about decor? Should I let my pink-green-orange-yellowish color palette shine on its own or add something spring-y/Easter-y to the mix, realizing of course that we will be featuring the ever lovely and bright SuZBee prints? Sigh. I adore hostessing, but I always worry that I'll underwhelm. Your thoughts would be appreciated to the utmost.

In other culinary news I successfully prepared my very first crockpot recipe derived from this yummy site on Sunday. I used 3 split chicken breasts in lieu of a whole chicken and added thyme and basil to the mix, as well. I also used all dried seasonings rather than fresh, but the result was fantastic! It was beyond easy, made my house smell amazing (no more Sadie scent, Baby Sister, maybe if I had made this while you were home you would have visted), and provided over three meals worth of scrumptious poultry. The crockpot is very quickly going to become a staple around Casa de Protein Bar.

Last night featured the return of Gossip Girl as well as the biannual Maroline's Salon, which included letting Lobster highlight my not-so-flowing, more like stacked-bobbish locks whilst trying to make sense of our favorite Upper East Siders. If you, like me, are a Gossip Girl junkie, are you reading this? It's (one of) my weekly guilty pleasures. What did you think of its return from hiatus? Were you sorting through your member trying to piece together all the references to yester-season?

Okay, chickadees, apologies for the hodgepodge of random thoughts. Happy Tuesday to you all!


The Pink Tutu said...

The brunch sounds so delicious. Can I come? :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

It sounds great! I love brunch, especially drunk brunch. Champagne can be mixed in with lots of fruit juices, so grapefruit would be yummy & refreshing - I say go for it!

beth said...

I always trust that it's better to have too many things, or too much food, than not enough variety or not enough to eat. Your spread sounds just about the perfect balance between sweet and savory, and with just the right amount of indulgences. Have fun!

prettyface said...

Can I come to the brunch?? LOl Sounds amazing!

QueenBeeSwain said...

merci beaucoup for the gg link- can't wait to read! your brunch sounds so scrummy- love that it's more br and that it's more sweet than savory! you're the hostess- cook what you love :)


Ms. Nonsense said...

I hope you enjoy the oatmeal! It's soooo good.