Sunday, January 11, 2009

Splurge-Worthy Sunday

I love award show season. I know it is soooo superficial and shallow, but lounging on the couch (after meeting a former co-worker for a Firehouse sub... yum!) post-bathing-in-bubbles, cuddling with the Polka Dot Pup and judging the ladies at the Golden Globes on what they're wearing, is one of my all time favorite things. Can someone please explain to me what is going on with Drew Barrymore's hair?! Ew.

Earlier today (after being a heathen and skipping church) I bid farewell to the Baby Sis as she went back to join the rest of her Tar Heel brethren (ew again). To ease my heartache I went shopping with the Lobster and decided it was totally time for a splurge. Note: I am extremely strict with my budget, and I never, ever buy things full price. I try to keep my purchases to necessities early, but today was totally time to chuck all that out the window. So without further ado please meet the object that stole my desire and affections.

The first picture gives an accurate representation of the divine color while the second gives a better look at its sumptuous detailing.

The structure, shape, size and pockets of this bag are beyond ideal and dreamy. By nature I'm not a bag girl. I'm not a girl that changes my bag every day, but this one was just perfect in every way. Le sigh. Okay that is out of my system. Big thanks to my favorite Crustacean for not letting me return it when I realized I had actually purchased it (I have a terrible habit of buying something then almost immediately - as in, sometimes the same day - returning it)! Pinch Pinch!

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The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

I do that alll the time. I actuallyt bought something today that I will be returning as soon as I wake up tomorrow. I'm so weird.