Monday, January 19, 2009

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

I might be going to hell for mentioning this, but could someone please explain to me what is going with Stephanie's face??? Too much Botox maybe? Obviously the penciled on brows need to go, but what about the rest?

By far my favorite moment in Bachelor history happened tonight when Stephanie was reunited with her daughter. Yeah, yeah it was sweet, but did you see Stephanie completely deck her?! I mean, she took her out. Lobster, who comes over weekly to watch Bachelor and/or Gossip Girl, and I had to rewind that scene and watch it over and over again. We even watched it in slow motion several times. Poor Sophia probably still has whiplash.

Speaking of slow motion, how about Nikki (affectionately known as "Burns," because I'm sure you've noticed her ridiculous man sideburns) trying to kiss Jason and completely missing his mouth? She is beyond awkward, but that was just over the top. Jason had to actually take her face and move it. I guess her Burns were getting in the way of our romantic side. Lobstina and I watched that moment in slow motion lots o' times too. I really don't think I like any of the girls remaining, but this has certainly been the funniest season ever (minus Lorenzo's Italian season, which featured the unbelievably amazing Erica and native Italian Agnesse... classic).

I hope next year they give Chris Harrison his own spinoff. Yeah, I'm serious.


Justin and Jenn said...

I replayed the horribly awkward kissing scene over and over! BTW- your letter is N!

Lipstick said...

Sorry I don't watch the Batchelor and have no idea what is going on with Steph's face...but I have to tell you the title and that sentence made me laugh. out. loud.