Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pretty P's

So apparently everything I like begins with "p." Unfortunately that wasn't the letter I was given for the alphabet game, but let me explain...

Polka Dots & Protein Bars (duh)
Peonies - My puppy got some new Target peony bowls from which to eat and drink. She loves feeling pretty.
Painting - Daddy and I have spent the day painting mi casa (that's for you, Ave), and I can't wait to reveal the finished product!
Pictures - I finally got some pictures printed, matted and framed - again, you will all get a peek shortly!
Parties - Lobster, HeLobster and his roommate came over last night for drinks and dip and a rousing round of Apples to Apples. That's my kind of party! Tomorrow I'm having a different kind of party. Little and I are getting our SuZBee on and working Purchase for a Purpose.
Pedicures - Lobster and I celebrated our inaugural LobsterFest last night with a trip to Polished (the most fabulous nail salon EVER) for some darling pedicures. So girly and fun!

One "p" I'm not fond of, however, is passing away. Sadly, my alma mater, and the world in general, lost a wonderful lady this morning when NC State Women's Basketball Coach Kay Yow passed away after a decades long battle with breast cancer. Coach Kay, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

I all of you lovely ladies are enjoying a perfectly pleasant weekend!

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Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hi! I adore your blog! Your a PR specialist? I'm a PR student. Do you like what you do?!