Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A 2 Protein Bar Kind of Morning

My furry polka dot was up for several hours last night whomiting her supper and everything else that had made its way into her system, which meant I was up with her. The poor pupcake felt terrible about making a mess. It all calmed down around 2, but I am dragging a bit this morning. I hope my Diet Pepsi Max (yes, thinking about the extra caffeine inside does gross me out a little bit) kicks in soon!

On Monday, Miss Temp started in our department while my adorable coworker (and the one who trained me) is on maternity leave. During our department meeting Monday morning to welcome Temp to the office, I tried to give her the stink eye whenever possible. Side note: I think that she will angle to be hired full time once her temp stint is complete in March. She is older and has more experience than I do, so her hiring would severely hurt my chances at a promotion. I don't think Temp paid much attention to my stink eye, and she now probably thinks I have some odd facial condition. On to Plan B.

Plan B is to intimidate Temp with my unbelievable cute factor. She only works Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so I'm planning to look like a dynamo on those days. Working at my agency comes in handy for this. Given our fun, creative atmosphere our dress code, as stated in our employee handbook, is "business casual with a creative flair." To me, that equals endless possibilities for fun and whimsy. I experimented with Polyvore for the first time to illustrate what I'm wearing today.

c/o Polyvore

Please tell me that my efforts are purely self defense and not lame, desperate and pathetic. I think I'm justified.


Southern Sunshine said...

puh lease. cBr, these valiant efforts are necessary. game face.

Pink Bliss said...

I just bought that skirt!! Great outfit idea! Any other ideas on how to wear it?