Friday, January 9, 2009

Boyfriends and Blogging

My dearest Lobster introduced the BF to my blog world yesterday. He responded that I should change the name of this site to Polka Dots & Homeless Men Bullets. Sigh. Boyfriend, who lives in a small town outside of Charlotte, cannot watch me eat a protein bar anymore without referencing my South Charlotte Drive-By. I guess I should explain.

A large population of homeless men in Charlotte populate one particular corner that I pass everyday on my way home from work and/or the gym. As an avid consumer of protein bars, I generally have in the car and try as often as possible to give an extra to the men on the corner. I'm sure most would prefer money or another type of food (the Queen City homeless are very, very picky. Seriously.), but I feel like it's important to give back to the community, and protein bars are excellent source of protein, calories and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Anywho, one day I chosen to bestow my absolute favorite bar (the old Zone Perfect Chocolate Caramel Cluster) on that day's man-on-the-corner. I was generally able to pull up the corner on a red light and simply hand it out the window. On said day, however, my car was further back than usual. I tried to catch the man's attention but to no avail. I decided that when the light turned green I would coast to the corner and hand the man his bar. To heck with the cars behind me. My flight-or-fight response must not have gotten the message.

When the light turned green, I panicked. I gunned my car, and in a desperate attempt to share my protein wealth, I flung the bar out of my passenger window. As I sped away I watched the flight of my bar and watched in horror as it hit the poor man squarely in the face then bounced into the road. My heart broke thinking that the man probably thought I had thrown something at him to let him know to vacate the corner. It was also broken thinking about that delicious bar lying helplessly in the road. I want to believe that the man knew my intention and went in the street and recovered the tasty treat. To this day, however, the corner is mostly vacant. It's inhabited only once or twice a week, and the men put helmets on when my car drives by.


Once A Bride said...
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Once A Bride said...

I should seriously proof read more closely. Take two!

Cute story! I too, am obsessed with protein bars. Gotta love them.

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