Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Peek Inside My Nest

For the past two weeks I have been hosting a coworker's 7-year old lab in my itty bitty house. Her family came and picked her up this morning. She was sweet and precious and Sadiebug LOVED her. Unfortunately she was also big, messy and sheddy. After she left and while my poor pup pouted I was finally able to vacuum (although it puts the pooch into a seizing, trembling fit), wipe my counters and unChristmasfy my home without the threat of a carpet of white hair being left immediately behind. Below are a few quick shots of my newly clean home and two new additions to mi casa - an adorable doormat that I insisted on holding out for and some coffee table decor. Enjoy! Thoughts or decorating suggestions are welcome!

Sadie and her very best friend Lexie.

Loving her new bed from Santa Paws!

Moping around after Lexie left.

My living room.

The newly-scaped coffee table - please note the Paula Deen books.

My brand new decor purchase - I already had the eggs.

My new doormat!!! I knew waiting would pay off eventually!


Red and White Preppy said...

You have a CUTE living room :) Love the sweet dog pics... My dog mopes around whenever my parents' dog leaves.

kels said...

oh my goodness! your living room is ADORABLE! I love love love the colors and designs! So cute! :)

QueenBeeSwain said...

love the chair in the living room- so perky!