Monday, January 12, 2009

Make It Yourself Monday

My favorite piece of furniture in the Protein Bar Palace is an old coffee table that Little and I converted into a fabric-covered bench. The entire project took less than an hour, some plywood, a yard and a half of fabric, a yard of cording and some batting.

To make the bench, start by removing the top of the table. Some may be able to be unscrewed. Ours required a saw for removal (and, yes, I did feel bad a$$ wielding a saw). We cut a piece of plywood to fit the remaining frame of the table and sized the batting accordingly to the size of the plywood and the height I wanted for my new "cushion."

Next, stretch the fabric tightly and snugly around both the batting and plywood. We secured the fabric to the bottom of the plywood with a staple gun and cut off the extreme excess so it wouldn't hang out the bottom of the table. Next, attach the "cushion" to the original coffee table base. We used four small wooden blocks placed in the four corners of the table bottom and drilled nails through them into the plywood.

The finishing touch is the cording. This gives the new bench a polished, lush look and covers up any flaws left from removing the original top. We used hot glue and worked our way slowly around the base of the table to outline and complement the cushion. Voila! A brand new, budget-friendly seating option.