Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rule #35 - Rough Transition

I truly and fully believe that Transitions were created by a bitter, spiteful outcast optometrist whose obsession with turning unfortunate youths into his clones led him to the invention of these ever so unattractive spectacles. Transparent in darkness, yet shaded in the light, the poor lenses become confused in any sort of mid-light situation (including but not limited to homes, offices, schools and other venues of public activity) leading to a sort of don't-look-at-me haze of amber and lending itself to a pall of nerdiness cast over the near or far-sighted victim.

So remember, dear friends, when you are advised to seek sight-enhancing tools, just say no to any that will lead you to a rough transition.


Colin's Mom said...

Agreed. I'm so not a fan!

Ams said...

Oh girly... you make me laugh!
And I just don't like the look of these either you know?
Have a great Tuesday!!