Monday, January 21, 2013

Things I'm Not

A lot of people argue that bloggers must be pretty self-involved, and I agree with them to an extent... you spend your own time writing about yourself for other people to read, loading the best pictures of you, with details that you don't even tell your mom in your daily phone conversations and giving your opinion on things that don't matter. It's like Facebook on crack. But I don't blog because I want people to virtually love me. I blog because it's good for me. It's good for me to have a little corner of somewhere to just... do. To just share. To document. 

The reasons I'm not a very good blogger:
1. This blog doesn't have a theme or direction. It's not a house blog. It's not a wedding blog. It's not a mommy blog. It's certainly not a fashion or beauty blog. It's not inspirational. It's not about fitness. It's not very funny... it may used to be, but it's not anymore.
2. I update as often as Jennifer Aniston doesn't wear black... meaning, rarely. 
3. I don't have a great camera. Any pictures that I bother to load are iPhoned (yes, it's a verb) and usually with an Instagram filter.

But, I'm still here years after I launched it. Not even sure who, if anyone, still reads. Alas, here's what's on my mind on this Monday in Charlotte.

1. Are skinny jeans ever going to be out again? This child-bearing hipped girl is just tired. So tired of swathing my lower half in a style that isn't actually very flattering to anyone. Except Miranda Kerr (I hate how much I love her). I went shopping a couple of weeks ago for some trouser or wide legged jeans. I found one lone pair on a clearance rack at Gap. Naturally, they're the best fitting jeans I've maybe ever owned. I asked the salesclerkette if they had any more, because you know I'd have bought all of them. Wouldn't you know it? The cut is being discontinued because they aren't in style anymore. Kick me in the face. And the hips. 
2. In the same vein, am I the only one that can't find gems at Forever 21 that it seems like everyone else can? Maybe I just don't see the potential in things. Maybe I assume it's a grown up version of Limited, too. I want to love it. I really do. But I get so overwhelmed. There's SO much inventory. 
3. Check out my favorite crockpot recipes lately. They've been saving us the past month:
Curry Chicken Vindaloo
Fiesta Chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
4. And some desserts!
Chocolate-peanut butter whoopie pies
Coconut lime sugar cookies
Snickerdoodle brownies
5. Y'all, really, this is the lamest. What do y'all want to read about?


Unknown said...

Sweet Line!
I love reading your sarcastic comments on LIFE. Like, the day to day.

My all-time favorite is "eating a cupcake" -- you know I love your sense of humor.

I won't even list my reasons why I'm a bad blogger...

Coach KC said...

I started a blog, got like one follower and did a decent job keeping up with it for about two months. Yours is good and real. I really liked this particular post because I share the same opinion. Maybe I will log into my blog and try again :-) Best...