Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things That Go Slurp in the Night

Last night I was in bed by 9:27. This never happens, but my body is basically on shutdown going into Easter, so, there it was. I awoke with a start at 1:00 and grabbed some water and relieved my three-sizes-too-small bladder. I crawled back in bed, curled up around my sleeping hubbers and started to drift off. A few minutes later I heard the slurp-slurp-slurp of the little blonde cocker spaniel sneaking a drink from the commode. I felt too tired to reprimand her and started to close to my eyes again. Until I remembered that in an effort not to wake anyone up I hadn't flushed. I leapt out of bed, pushed her of the porcelain and immediately made her drink a full glass of water (yes, I did give her a glass, and yes, she did drink it) to flush out her system. I'm still disturbed. Especially when she licked me this morning on the face. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nary a Post in February

Nary a post in February was written, which seems about par for the month. But, it's time for a monthly cleaning out and post. This month: my favorite beauty finds of late.

As a newly-minted couponer, I've discovered that my brand loyalty quickly tilts in favor of those names who offer my coupons regularly. This has allowed me to try out new products with less risk ($2 off is freaking $2 off, y'all). Additionally, I've also, finally, in my 26th year, developed a skincare routine that seems to be working. So, a few of my faves:

1. Biotin - I only really choose the supplements and vitamins that the hubbers and I consume based on coupons, which may or may not be medically sound, but when I can, I always try to have biotin on hand. It really has done wonders for my skin, nails and face. 

2. Garnier Moisturizing Gel - only recently did I figure out that girls with oily skin need moisturizer too. And, hey, the more regularly I moisturize, the less oily I actually am! My skin can just take a freaking break and stop trying to self-medicate. This Garnier moisturizer is my favorite because it's a gel... it goes on without any mess and absorbs quickly. I love the texture it leaves my skin. I tend to product-hop a lot and try several things (just come see how many different shampoos and body washes I have), but this one is going to be a staple.

3. BB Cream - I resisted BB cream for months, because, well, I just don't have the energy to follow the latest crazes in cosmetics, but a couple weeks ago I had a CoverGirl coupon and grabbed their version to try. Last week I had an Olay coupon and grabbed theirs. So far I've only tried the CoverGirl (I hate having too many of the same thing open at once... something about the satisfaction about finishing a toiletry is just too great), and I like it. It definitely improves the look of my skin and evens my naturally-pink hues. I'm not positive I'd buy the CoverGirl again, but I am eager to try Olay and Maybelline when that coupon rotates through.

4. Benefit Primer - I'd buy this junk even without a coupon. Thankfully, though, Ulta is generous with their savings, so I'm able to splurge on this a couple times a year. This primer is perfect for helping makeup stay throughout the day and look fresh and flawless. I don't wear it every day, but for those times I want to look a little bit prettier, I reach for this in a heartbeat.

5. elf Concealer + Highlighter Stick - at just $3 I don't even need a coupon for this wand, but with Target savings I just can't help myself. I've only been using this puppy for a week, but I'm really enjoying the inexpensive difference with my dark circles (I'm horrified by their appearance, but working 80+ hours a week will do that too) and the highlighter adds a little dewiness to my face. Did y'all watch the Bachelor this season? Lobster and I became obsessed with AshLee's glowy skin. How do I get that?! Hopefully this little find will put me one step closer.

6. elf Eyelid Primer - Due to my oily skin, my lids tend to crease my eyeshadow pretty quickly... like, by 10:30 it's invisible. But welcome this $1 treat to my makeup bag and voila, all day shadow. I just dab this on pre-shadow and liner, and I'm set all day. Literally. The only thing that disrupts it is a nightly face washing or a hot yoga class. That, my friends, is a dollar well spent. 

7. Double 'Scara - Any ole brand will do, but currently I'm pairing swipes of CoverGirl WhateverIHaveACouponFor and Maybelline WhateverIHaveACouponForWaterProof for better than ever lashes. I just apply the first non-waterproof then follow it up with a waterproof application. It makes my lashes look fuller and longer than with just one, and they survive hot yoga... y'all, you can't beat survival through 2 liters of sweat. You just can't. 

What else should I be trying?

Also, I read this this morning and have already sent it to all my best girls and posted it on Facebook. Please read and process. I know I am.