Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fat Fingers. Flat Tires

Doors are weapons. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. On Monday night my poor right index and middle fingers fell victim to a heavy door being swung open as they reached to grab the handle on the otherwise. The collision let my poor digits bruised, battered, and the size of a 300 lb. man's.

I arrived home that evening to find the sweet fella waiting to tend to my injury with Rice Krispy Treats and Diet Dr. Pepper (he knows the way to my heart, I tell ya). When I stepped out of my car to give him a hug we both heard a steady and distinct hissing sound coming from behind me. Sure enough my car's front tire was slowly pancaking.

Never fear, of course, for the strapping lad expertly and deftly switched out that flat for a shiny, new one - not a new flat... a brand new tire. Quite an eventful night to be sure, but it's never ever dull around these parts.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoo Sunday

When you work for a church it's pretty rare that your weekends are free, but this past weekend I was blessed with an open Sunday. I worked our worship experiences on Saturday night but was able to sleep in and enjoy my Sunday. Typically I arise at 4:30 each Sunday morning to be at my campus by 5:15, so waking up after the sun was a welcome change.

I wasn't really sure how I would cope with the empty hours. I was afraid that by lunchtime I'd be rocking in a corner from the lack of activity. Instead, the sweet fella decided to take his Sunday off too, and we spent a glorious day of togetherness.

We both slept in, and
he headed my way for a breakfast/brunch of chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries, cheesy eggs and my attempt at making coffee. I loathe coffee, the fella loves it, so I decided to try my hand at brewing a pot. What came out was pure sludge, but he claimed it was exactly how he likes it and drank it anyway - stray grounds and all.

After a leisurely meal, we headed about an hour and a half south and spent the afternoon at the Riverbanks Zoo. I have been dying to go to the zoo forever, and this trip was perfection. The weather was warm and a bit overcast, and we spent several hours wandering from exhibit to exhibit. I really couldn't have imagined a better trip. The time in the car was filled with singing, laughter and conversation, and really added an extra layer of enjoyment to the day. He forgot his camera, and mine was officially dead, so we purchased a disposable one (I can't wait to get those shots back) and snapped a few on my phone. I wish we had better mementos of the field trip, but these will have to do. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably rethought that decision as I tweeted picture after picture of #zoosunday.

When we rolled back into Charlotte, we got spruced up (again, no pictures... le sigh) and went to an exquisite dinner at Ruth's Chris. Starting with sweet chili calamari, petite filet for me, ribeye for him and shared sweet potato casserole and sauteed mushrooms, luscious and perfection are really the only words to describe the meal.

I feel so blessed that someone would go so out of the way to make me feel pampered and appreciated, and the fella managed just that. I'm beyond excited about where this relationship is headed. I've gotta good one.