Thursday, December 22, 2011

What They'll Wear

My biggest fear when it came to choosing bridesmaids dresses was that my lovely ladies would loathe my choice. Honestly, I'm still worried about it. My five maids represent a wide range of style choices, so finding one frock to embrace all of those different opinions made me feel pretty nauseous. The only things I knew for sure was that I wanted them to be gray, I wanted them to be short, and I didn't want them to be dupioni silk. I also knew I wanted each girl to have a chance to express themselves a bit and not be too matchy matchy. I took my little sister with me try some on, and we both ended up with the same favorite - something that isn't a naturally common occurrence, so I knew we'd chosen a winner. I instructed my 'maids to also pick out a pair of bronze-ish peeptoe pumps to complement the look, and I'll decorate them with cluster earrings and a different cocktail ring each. So, how did we do?

Saturday, December 17, 2011


This week we finished mailing our Save the Dates (yep, we gave all of our loved ones an STD). I was so excited about how they turned out. My sweet photography intern gifted us with an engagement session, and another talented friend gifted us with the design. I couldn't wait to hear the feedback since the fella and I love them so much, and it's been nothing but wonderful. I still have to pinch myself that in less than four months I'll have the honor of being Mrs. The Fella.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Inedibles

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for finger foods. I would rather eat my weight in cheese and crackers, Goldfish, and appetizers than a full meal. So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that my eager spirit to dip my hand into a bowl of munchies would, at some point, become a liability. In fact, not just once, but thrice...

1. While at the fella's parents' house, he grabbed a bowl and made a trip into the pantry. As he exited the closet of tasty delights, he shook the bowl and held it out to me. Excited to have snacks offered to me I immediately reached in, grabbed a morsel and popped it in my mouth, and cringed. "BABE!" the fella exclaimed, "That's dog food! I just wanted you to put it on the floor." Thoroughly embarrassed, I quickly spit the kibble back in the bowl, silently counting my blessings that I wouldn't have to pretend that my future mother-in-law had invented a savory and delicious new treat.
2. I stopped by my parents' house the other day to drop a few things off for Little. She wasn't home when I swung by, so I opted to scrounge through the house to create a delicious (free) lunch. After prepping my whole wheat naan, hummus and feta, I decided I needed a sweet bite to finish it off. Sitting on the counter was a cookie jar filled with small chocolate rounds topped with peanut butter. Excitedly, I threw two in my mouth and crunched down. Foiled again! Chocolate-peanut butter goodies quickly turned into puppy training biscuits upon a taste bud examination. Trust me, even the sweetest dog biscuit does not equal a dessert.

3. To improve the atmosphere of the production studio of the church campus I oversee, I asked my intern to pick up some niceties, including reed diffusers, lamps, etc. When I entered the studio the following weekend I was ecstatic to find two small bowls full of my favorite Gummy Bear flavor - that pineapple-ish, semi-clear one? How sweet of my intern to know those were my favorite. With an odd amount of flourish I tossed two in my mouth and nearly cracked four teeth as a I bit down on the scented rocks, posing as... well, scented rocks. Upon closer inspection it was clearly that these were dummy gummies.

One would suppose that after my first, um, slip up, I would be more observant about what I was eating before I actually tried to ingest it, but, that would be a poor supposition.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Not a Creature Was Stirring... EXCEPT For a Mouse

I was so excited to decorate my condo for Christmas with the fella this year. Last year I didn't decorate at all, and with the hustle and bustle that working for a church brings around Christmas, I woke up on Christmas Day wanting to start the season over and relish it. I knew this year would be different, and I would spend every moment soaking up the holiday. It was also fun (although, a little touchy, if I'm honest, from time to time) to combine our traditions, ornaments and miscellaneous Christmas decor. There were definitely a few moments of tension deciding whose to use and whose to toss, but thankfully we compromised over a lovely glass of wine and pushed through and got to work.

As we pulled out a skinny faux tree of the fella's to adorn the foyer, I saw something small and furry drop onto my living room floor. "That's a mouse!" I shrieked... more out of amusement than terror. A mad scramble ensued with the fella trying to trap the mouse, me trying to restrain Sadie and find a bowl or cup to house the little critter... all while I laughed hysterically. When we finally restrained and contained our new friend we rushed it outside to find a new home in my flower beds. The fella quickly followed with the tree and discovered a nest of the rodent variety consuming an entire side of the tree that had previously been stored in his shed. As he batted the nest into the bushes we heard an ominous squeak and discovered yet another mouse being housed inside. We noticed quickly that both of the mice appeared to be babies.I wondered aloud where the momma might be. "Well," the fella mused, "probably my car since the tree has been in there.." I nodded that he might be right. Slowly, however, my nodding and laughter turned to head shaking and a groan as I realized that in actuality, the tree had been housed in my car. Nothing says "Our First Christmas" like mouse droppings and phantom squeaks ringing through my vehicle. Cheers, y'all!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Family Feast

While belated, this photo recap of my Thanksgiving says it all... family (mine + the fella's = a full house at my parents'), laughter, So. Much. Food.