Monday, January 14, 2013

In the Heights

In 2013, I'm focusing on time in our marriage. It's a commodity that is precious and rare for us in the season that we're both in. Working bizarre and opposite schedules can take a toll. Thankfully we're both incredibly committed to maximizing the time we're together, but in 2013, I want us to be creative. I don't want to fall in a complacent routine of Redbox, couch time or each doing our own activities. So on Friday, we had a rare day off together and hopped in the car to journey to Asheville. 

Asheville is an easy 2 hour drive from us, and we got to enjoy great conversation on the way to town. We had a truly wonderful day - first stop was Tupelo honey for breakfast (fried egg BLT for him, and, most probably the culinary win of the whole day, a pimento cheese, maple pepper bacon, jalapeƱo cilantro pesto and asparagus omelet for me). It was cloudy and chilly for our start, so we spent a few hours strolling along, popping into different shops and galleries and generally oohing, aahing and making fun of various wares. 

We stopped for a late lunch at Lab, a delicious brewery and restaurant in downtown. We shared kale chips drizzled with honey and house made chorizo sausage nachos and each sipped a house brewed beer. When we were sufficiently satisfied, which wasn't hard, because it was delicious, we mosied back to our car and headed to Odd Fellows, a local antiques and architectural salvage shoppe (naturally, that's the sort of joint that requires fancy spelling). 

We finished just in time to get to Highland Brewery where we enjoyed a few more brewskis and a tour of this regional favorite. It was fascinating to learn about how beer is made and how such a seemingly small operation is actually a big player in the craft brew market. Another short drive up the road brought us to the Biltmore for a glass of wine in the estate wine room. 

Finally, we ended our trip at Curate, a new Asheville hotspot serving eccentric Spanish tapas. We scored a seat at the counter, so my chef hubbers could survey the exhibition kitchen below. We loved everything we ordered... I couldn't even actually tell you what it was. Though, standouts included the calamari sandwich and the almond cake dessert that featured rosemary and olive oil ice cream. Sated and tired and happy we headed back to Charlotte. 

Despite all of our wanderings and stops we only managed one picture at the end of our breakfast. I was excited to head to the highlands and try out a current Pinterest fave of red plaid and a fur vest. I was more excited for a truly delightful day with my love, and I can't wait to find some more destinations near us. A 2013 replete with these day gems is just what we have in mind.


USCEmily said...

I love Asheville! Your post just made me crave a trip up there.

Heather said...

What fun! I'm originally from Hendersonville but I miss out on a lot of Asheville things just b/c we always stay with my dad when we are in town. Sounds like you packed a lot of great things in your day trip!

kimmysees said...

CB - I'm glad to see you're still craving life as much as you always have. Love you, sweet girl.