Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking and Entering

This week I'd intended to post my final wedding recap post filled with shots of our reception. I planned to regale you with clever anecdotes of newlywed life. I wanted to tell you all about why yoga is my newest addiction (you know, outside of a crisp sauvignon blanc), but now it's Thursday, and I've done none of those things. This week has been every fashion blogger's favorite mix of high-low style. We found out that our mortgage loan will be approved, so we're excited to begin (or begin seriously... we've been window shopping for a little while) the hunt for our first home together that will house our future family. Then this week my car got broken into. My work computer got stolen, which housed our wedding photos (and, you know, my whole life, that, of course, I'd thought about backing up the day before but never did), my work bag that included a massage gift card, perfume, jewelry, etc, and some miscellaneous other accoutrements of my life. I was surprisingly calm about the entire situation, though not pleased. So for the rest of the week I'm gathering myself back together and re-downloading wedding pictures, etc, so that I can get back on track next week.


USCEmily said...

That just plain out stinks! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. I very much dislike a thief.

Sarah O said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about all the random bad luck. Congratulations on getting to move forward on house hunting though. That's so exciting!