Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marriage Milestones: Part I

I'm well aware that the traditional first anniversary gift is a gift of paper. Knowing that my husband probably won't be too keen on some sweetly designed monogrammed stationery, I decided that each month of our first twelve I'll write him a letter about what each of those months meant to me personally and how they helped define our spousal relationship. Well, he reads my blog, so he'll now know his gift, but I really felt led to publish them here as we go along and rethink the final product when we get closer to April. A short two months and five days have passed since our wedding, so I've documented two letters. The first is below, and I'll post the second later this week.

Davey the Hubbers!

It's been a much harder switch to call you "Davey the Hubbers" rather than "Davey the Fiance" than I anticipated, and you know I've slipped up more than once since we walked down the aisle four weeks ago. Joyfully, however, it's been a much smoother transition to refer to you as my husband to other people. I am so proud that you are mine. This first month of marriage has been blissful, as one might imagine the first month of a marriage to be. Technically, to me, we've experienced three weeks of marriage. The first week doesn't really count since we were tucked away in Costa Rica celebrating our wedding, which, as you have learned, is a much different thing entirely (winky, blushing face). The last three weeks have been all about setting up shop. I never imagined how much fun I would have creating our home. Not just unpacking and organizing wedding gifts (or cataloging them in storage at Little and Daddy's since our micro-condo won't hold it all) but just BEING your wife... washing your clothes, cleaning the kitchen, and waking up beside you. I know in time that those things will fade as the newness becomes the norm, but for now, Davey, I'm relishing it. 

I'm thankful for the work we did pre-marriage to help create a foundation for our communication. One of the best things that we've done is establish a "top 3" list for each of us. Those top three things that are really important to keep peace in our marriage. Your top three are as follows:
1. Keep the kitchen sink clear of dirty dishes. I've worked really hard to keep our kitchen tidy, and as a result, it's now bothering me to let dishes pile up, so well done, sir, teaching me the importance of cleanliness.
2. Blow my nose after I sneeze instead of sniffing continuously. I still don't get your irritation by my sweet delicate sniffles, but, man, I'm working on it. My nostrils are now raw thanks to my allergies, but if you don't mind a red, scaly face, then I sure as heck don't either.
3. Don't text while driving. It's a work in progress. I can't do everything in the first month, otherwise, the next rest of our lives will get pretty boring, you know?

Marriage is by far my favorite thing I've ever done, and I desperately hope that you feel the same way. When you pray over our mornings, my heart melts. The time we spend together investing in our relationship is of incredible importance, and it's so wonderful knowing that you value it the same. Thank you for thirty days of wonderful. I'm excited that we're in motion, and I can't wait for next month!

I love you.

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muthusamy yadhavan said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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