Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Water Logged

Dear XXXL Woman at the Y,

I swim with a lovely coworker on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 5-6:15. It is very crowded in there, but thankfully there are many lanes to accommodate us. I hate swimming, but I was plodding along quite swimmingly (har har) until you came rumbling in guns a-blazin'. You huffed, puffed and harumphed about why people were swimming in all of the lanes when you have taught "the same Tuesday morning water aerobics class for 16 years, and people should know to move at 6." Um, several things immediately pop into my mind, not the least of which is... you've been teaching an exercise class for 16 years and you still look like that? I mean, not knocking your class, but perhaps you should go upstairs and try some cycle, or hop in a lane before class and swim some laps. Just a suggestion. Your hell-raising, pushy, melodramatic personality, however, is certainly divine. Don't change that a bit.

Splish Splash,
Polka Dots & Protein Bars

P.S. After swimming and ellipticall-ing I was famished, and I have now consumed two breakfasts (PB&B on a Kashi Waffle - Thanks Queen Bee! And a Power Bar Triple Threat). I guess we have the same problem, huh?


CTB said...

I'm laughing so hard at your "letter." How great! I'd say she's doing something wrong if it has been 16 years. Don't sign up for that class! Keep doing your laps!

Emily said...

yea for swimming...Im ready for the summer so I can swim outside and relax!

QueenBeeSwain said...

love that you love it and writing "letters" sometimes is just so cathartic!

katiethecoxswain@hotmail.com is my email lady PS!