Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Bump Grump

I got invited to a baby shower on Saturday morning for my former youth leader. We were extremely close throughout high school, and she, Georgia Peach and I were a tight-knit group. When Georgia Peach and I left Charlotte for college, she fell off the face of the earth. We didn't get phone calls, emails, text messages... nothing. The only time I heard from her was when my sister ran into her and told her I hated Virginia Tech. She called me them. She really liked helping people with problems, and really I had very few of them (plus when I do, I internalize... I don't feel a need to overshare), so that was always a sticking point of our relationship.

Almost three years ago she married our other youth leader. They were made for each other, and their love story truly is very sweet and proof of how the Lord readies your heart and future. Despite not speaking for over two years, Miss Peach and I were invited to the wedding. Little even threw her a bridesmaid luncheon, but she never received so much as a thank you note.

After the wedding it was back to incommunicado. She and her husband moved to Florida, and I heard of her coming back to Charlotte to visit, but I was never included in the reunions. She got Facebook, and we've exchanged several messages and wall posts over the past year, but it's been limited. In February I received a text from her (it was a mass text) with a picture of a sonogram and the announcement that she was pregnant. It was such a miraculous blessing for her - she's over 40, has struggled with endometriosis and an eating disorder, so it's so exciting that she and her amazing husband are having a little girl.

A few weeks ago she sent a mass Facebook message to several girls that went/go to our old church (I have since left and split my time between an amazing, amazing church and Boyfriend's church) requesting us to send our email addresses to one of her friends for evites. Once we received the evites, we received another text message from her confirming that we had actually received them. Then another when I waited three days to respond. Tacky much? The evite also noted the places of the couple's registry but pointed out that cash or gift cards would be the best option since they were traveling. Is this not the tackiest thing you've ever heard? Who handles events like this?

Sigh. Anyway, I committed to attending, although I really only like maybe 1 other guest. Georgia Peach has bailed (totally understandable since she'd have to drive from Atlanta, but tears nonetheless). Pretty much the only reason I'm attending the shower is because last time I saw most of these people I was 15-20 pounds heavier (disgrossting), and I want to show off my svelter figure. SOOOO the most important question... whatever do I wear to said event which is taking place at 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning?

Also, am I being a huge brat over the whole situation?
If you made it through this long rant, you must really, really like me. XO


Mrs. Newlywed said...

You are a better person than me. I would not go.

1. Because the invitations came via email/text.
2. Because it is rude to ask for cash/gift cards.
3. Because she hasn't been keeping in touch.

I'm just mean like that :)

The New Mrs said...

I can't believe that you are actually going! I would refuse, haha :)

I would wear maybe a summery dress, depending on the weather? You can't go wrong wearing a dress or a skirt and a cute top to a shower.

Good luck and I am anxious to hear how it goes!

USCEmily said...

I'm with Mrs. Newlywed. I wouldn't go either. How they handled the invitations and pestering you about receiving it is just plain tacky- like you said. Plus the fact that it seems like if she is not keeping in touch except for big events- marriage, baby- then she's just looking for presents. Maybe this isn't the case, but it's how it coms across.

But, on to your question. I would wear either sundress and cardigan or a pair of capris and a top. Nothing over the top, but something cute!

Britt said...

Seriously, e-vite!? I know were in the 21st century but we can still be classy! And the whole not keeping in touch and then expecting you to go...I don't know if I could handle that. LOL
I agree with The New Mrs.--a dress/skirt is always fun.
My brother and his wife registered through Target and checked that gift cards were ok but they didn't say that they were more appreciated. I could see some people not wanting to search, just going to the checkstand and getting a gift card (quick and easy). It's just not as personal. (All IMO) I loved looking at all the baby stuff though!

AEO said...

You are going???? You are a better woman than I!! But I do understand your rationale! I would wear white pants and an adorable top with flirty heels or super cute sandals. You'll look hot in the white pants (hard to pull off), and people will definitely notice your weight loss. No black- don't hide behind it! I would definitely find a cute baby's outfit at TJ Maxx for the gift- I wouldn't spend much as she's obviously not a good friend anymore and seems only to be in everything for the parties and presents. Fill us in afterwards!!

THE Stephanie said...

LOL... I LOVE that the most important part of that post was what you should wear!!

And i totally agree with everyone else... SO TACKY!!! But, you are obviously a top notch person, shown by the fact that you're actually attending.

And heck, I say show up in freaking party dress!! LOL Just kidding... But I would totally go with a summer dress or skirt, and sleeveless top - show it off!!

Dugout Daisy said...

I ditto what Mrs. Newlywed has said.

On what to wear: I think you can't go wrong with a sundress or a sring skirt and a nice top.
Show off your great figure!!!

Lis said...

I'm going to ditto the girls above, I can't believe you are going but at least you will look amazing!!

I'm voting for a super cute - fitted - sundress! :)

Anonymous said...

sooo i was just looking at turks pictures. where i saw a pic of you in a top i really like. which led me to read your blog. which led me to laugh at the classlessness (new word maybe) of some people. which led me to tell you that I think you should wear said shirt with maybe a white skirt or pants. which leads me to think you'll look totally hot and stunning. and if that fails you can't go wrong with a sundress. i'm partial to strapless ones :)


ps. your blog has been an excellent study break!
hope you're doing well! miss you!

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the welcome note! I can't wait to read up on your blog, love all the colors!

Stace said...

Eww. That's just overall gross. I don't think I would even attend!

QueenBeeSwain said...

when did some people miss the lesson in classy- right? you're good to proceed on your merry way with your agenda. no need to slum.


Anonymous said...

I say wear your Lilly! A little label just helps to show that you're better. Lol - I am awful, I know. Label are a must though! Good luck! I hope you have a good time!

Simply Chic said...

I can't believe you are going! You are a better person than me. Not only would I not go, I wouldn't rsvp either. ugg, tacky.

Since you are going, I'd get her a cheap but cute baby outfit or bib that doesnt cost much at all. Put your money into a really cute outfit for you instead! Take pics for us!

Desperately Seeking Seersucker said...

I'm in the midst of wedding/baby shower season myself. I've received some very tacky invitations, and some from people I haven't seen in years. I think it says a lot about your character that you are going :) As long as it won't be too awfully painful, and out of the way, I think you will feel good about yourself for going.

I do, however, think that wearing something fabulous is a must! 10am is definitely sundress time :)

Miss Sara said...

I commend you for going :) LOL I would be ranting to all my friends, something about a broomstick and potions, LOL but thats just me :P

Gp different and wear a polo shirt and maybe beige capris... and flipflops :) or wedges

Abbie said...

No, you're not! First of all, it's tacky to invite people you aren't truly close with. Text messages and evites really aren't the way to go when you're expected to bring a gift (OR CASH), either! It amazes me how people just expect people to drop everything when they haven't spoken in ages.