Monday, April 27, 2009

How-To: Make a Derby Headband

Happy Monday! I've received a few questions about the headband so prominently featured in my below Steeplechase post. Because I have a humongous man-sized face and head, I knew that a hat may not be the best option for me (of course, I still put myself through quite the hat saga - Baby Sis ended up wearing the TJ Maxx chapeau and looked presh). I'm sure you're all aware of my headband obsession, so I decided to take it one step further and produce something even more over the top than usual. For a mere $4 I created the look. I purchased a huge fake flower of my choose from Michael's ($2.99 for mine) then found a $0.98 thin plastic headband at WalMart (thin was important so it looked more like a flower floating on my head than a huge headband). I cut a small rectangle out cardstock and hot glued the center of it to the underneath curve of the band. I then cut the stem as close to the blossom as possible. I then flipped the flower almost inside out (it took some trial and error... when I first secured it to the band without doing this, it didn't lay flush and looked ridiculous) and removed two layers of plastic. With the flower flatter and more malleable, I hot glued it to the band and the sides of the cardstock (extra security). For even more security and placed several bobbypins through the petals to the cardstock and plastic headband. Voila!


USCEmily said...

The headband is cute, but I'm really commenting to ask you if you were pleased with the draft results?
The Panthers got a Gamecock I saw- Captain Munnerlyn!

QueenBeeSwain said...

oh man- you have got crafty skillz- I am tres jeal at how creative you are! clearly your mom and home ec teacher did a good job lernnin' you :P

you're tagged too btw :)


BLC :o said...

Hi lovie! First, I am green. Very green ... QC looked like a BALL!!! And from what Ale and friends said, it sure was! Next, I am LOVING that you dished about the headband. It is just too cute for words. Many thanks and happy Tuesday. Xoxo-BLC