Tuesday, May 19, 2009

True Story Tuesday: Traumatizing

My poor sweet Sadie has been through a lot in her short life... having a family (maybe?), being abandoned in a field, being caged for a week at the animal control shelter, battling pneumonia, kennel cough and innumerable ear infections, and Jon & Kate Plus 8.

She is one of the most loving, gentle, cuddly pups I've ever had the pleasure of being around, but Pupcake is very skittish. Vacuum cleaners, motorcycles, motorized wheelchairs and pl
astic grocery bags are the bane of her furry little existence. We can now add to that list, the Gosselin children.

Sadieroodle has always had a difficult time with kids. Something about their high pitched voices, need to squeeze her and similar size really throws off the little girl. Her paranoia, howeve
r, has now spread from actual children in her path to those on TV. This weekend I was tuning into a Jon & Kate marathon. Sadiekins was sleeping soundly on the sofa next to me, when Aaden, Alexis and Leah began arguing and crying. As soon as she heard them, Sadie was off the couch standing stock still in front of the television. Every hair on her back was standing straight up and she began growling and barking at one half of the sextuplet clan.

Throughout the rest of the episodes, nothing I did could placate the pooch. She remained transfixed on the screen and followed each movement of the tots on the screen. When one would cry... or laugh... or yell... or make any noise, her hair would stand up, and the growling began. Poor thing couldn't handle it, bless her heart.

Of course, I'm assuming it was the children that scared her... it very easily could have been Kate.

So scary!

Standing guard.

Exhausted from the trauma.


Lis said...

HAHAHAH I bet it was Kate!! Have you read all of the tabloids recently? Ugh..no good!!

The New Mrs said...

I blame it all on Kate!

USCEmily said...

Aww, Poor Sadie! I'm with the others- Kate is enough to scare anybody!

Kim said...

awww poor Sadie!!! I agree, I definitely think it's Kate!! haha

QueenBeeSwain said...

:( I'd run the opposite way if I saw kate + 8 too, poor Sadie. the dog that we had growing up- a golden- Maggie- aka our 3rd sister- was terrified of thunder and lightening and fireworks- my dad orig bought her to be a field dog but started her gun training too soon, so we think that is why she didn't like loud noises- we'd always find her in the laundry room when things got loud :(

nothing sadder than an unhappy pooch :(


Needs Help said...

Ugh get away from kate!! Your puppy is too precious!!

Liana said...

oh now! haha i bet kate had something to do with it to ;)

Jeanie Gray said...

This is too cute! My parents have a scaredy cat. He is terrified of my baby. Every time we go visit he runs & hides in the basement until we've been gone for at least an hour. It doesn't matter how long we stay--an afternoon or a weekend, he will not come upstairs for anything!

Legallyblondemel said...

I'd say it's Kate's hair.

Sadie is just a doll!

Adorably Distracted... said...

awww omg that's the funniest thing i've ever heard! Our dog hates children... but real life kids... no T.V kids yet!