Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knock Knock

I was a born comedian. I clearly grasped the concept of both the "knock-knock" and "what did the x say to the y" joke templates. At the tender age of 4 I came up with these inta-classics.

What did the tomato say to the lettuce?
Let's make a salad!
If I was revising to today's comedic standard I would exchange "lettuce" for "carrot" and "Let's" for "Lettuce." Either way, though... hilarious, clearly.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Mary who?
Mary the Mother of Jesus!*

*As a non-Catholic, I had a suprisingly strong affinity for the Virgin Mary and played dress-up often by draping a blanket over my head while pretending to ride a donkey. Baby Sis often played the role of Baby Jesus.
** I also had a very strong speech impediment/lisp/word slurring, so "Jesus" was pronounced "Gethuth" while "Mary the Mother" was "Mawee the Mothuh."


Southern Sunshine said...

I love you.

xoxo sarahbeth said...

My younger sister's favorite joke was:
"knock knock"
"who's there?"
"mary who"
"mary's in the bathtub"

it cracked her up, she thought she was so clever and to this day it still makes the whole family giggle. she created it when she was around 2 and I was finishing preschool and learning jokes. . .

Mrs. Ruby said...

Haha - CUTE! You should definitely tour and do a comedy act. :)

The Pink Chick said...

You have to love a good knock knock joke! :)

QueenBeeSwain said...

I've stopped being spooked by how we're the same- my sis and I would play "Nativity"- I'd be Mary and she'd have to be Joseph! I LOVED baby Jesus. hahahahahaha!


amy (metz) walker said...

Hilarious! I was thinking the same thing about the "let's" versus "lettuce" sub...great minds!