Monday, May 11, 2009

The Daily Grind

Hi Sweets!

What a lovely weekend I had celebrating my beautiful mom. It was so nice just spending time with family (minus my big brother). Activities included, but were not limited to, pedicures, lunch at McCormick & Schmick's, cheering at a triathlon, church and lots of Whatever, Martha!

I have pictures, but someone (coughSiscough) needs to email them to me, so I can post. Expect a photo-philled entry soon! Now back to the real world and a busy week!

First night of sewing classes with a lady calling herself Mrs. Stine (short for her first name Ernestine). She makes hats and handbags with Scripture and fur - Sassy to the extreme.
Showing my apartment to yet another potential roommate.
Time spent with my sweet Sis, who's home for the summer
O.A.R. free concert in Uptown Charlotte!
Softball doubleheader
's birthday!
Dinner plans and fun scheduled
A day off!
Originally planned to go fishing with B, but the plans have changed since Baby Sis and I will be spending the weekend babysitting for the daughter of Olympian Summer Sanders (who's more profound job titles include sportscaster and host of Nickelodeon's critically acclaimed Figure It Out!). Seriously a random story, but it should be fun, lucrative, and an amazing opportunity to network with Summer and other sports commentators - my dream job to end all dream jobs.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

Sounds like you have a busy busy week, enjoy!!

The New Mrs said...

you are going to be a busy bee this week! i'm jealous you get a day off Friday though.

The Shabby Princess said...

What a busy week you have!! Sometimes those are the best, aren't they? (because they go by fast--obvi!)

Baby Sis said...

Thanks for calling me out, betch.
I just sent them to you; it's not my fault that UNC webmail blows.
In other news, I love you and can't wait to babysit for Olympic children!

Kim said...

sounds like you have a fun and busy week!!! Happy monday! :-)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Certainly does sounds like a great, and busy week! Have a great time - esp. on your bf's birthday!

QueenBeeSwain said...

Okay- love that you are learning to sew from a lady that combines the Word and fur. Love.

you're tagged too, btw :)