Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Than a Meal

I have Fridays off, and what a blessing it is! Something about Fridays off makes my otherwise six day workweek incredibly easy and manageable. I tend to pack errands, socializing, cleaning and more into my Fridays. This past Friday, though, I made zero plans for myself. Instead, the fella and I got up and yoga'd (y'all, we have been going like 4 days a week, and we're obsessed. We recently invested in some new Lululemon mats, and good gracious are those things heavenly. Also, my historically beefy arms are tighter and more toned than they've probably ever been). 

When we got home, a pile of sweaty, stinky clothes gathered at the hamper, and while the hubbers cleaned up for work, I set about making us some delicious veggie omelettes stuffed with grape tomatoes, avocado, peppers, turkey, meunster and fresh basil and thyme. After he was out the door, and I was cleaned up and looking better, I headed to the local farmer's market with a friend for some fresh warm-weather produce. For a measly $22, I stocked up on strawberries, peaches, farm fresh eggs, asparagus, ginger, peppers, cilantro, corn, pole beans and rape greens. I was so proud of my bounty! After taking a boastful picture to send to the fella, I headed out for some errand running and nails with Little. 
Somehow despite its lazy pace, the day had flown by. I landed back on my couch at 5:00 with plans to cook dinner, but instead, passed out until about 6:30. Thankfully the hubbers was working late, so I had plenty of time to whip up our supper and was just putting the finishing touches on it (and finally shaking off the residue of my unplanned evening nap) when he walked in the door with a chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc (my love language). I found a recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago for kale and walnut pesto and was excited to try it. I don't love walnuts, so I subbed them for toasted pecans, and good gracious it was tasty. I had marinated and grilled some lamb (topped with goat cheese), roasted some fingerling potatoes tossed in rosemary and thyme, then grilled some corn in their husks, sliced it off the cob and mixed it in a big bowl with sauteed asparagus, avocado, grape tomatoes and feta and tossed it all with the kale pesto... y'all. That impromptu salad... holy summer freshness and deliciousness. I couldn't stop picking at it.

While he set our little table on our tiny back porch, I artfully arranged our meal and we were able to sit down as the dusk settled and catch up on our days. At one point we locked eyes and smiled and sighed and realized that was exactly what we signed up for when we locked eyes at the altar and said our vows a mere six weeks ago... the opportunity to DO life together. To do the mundane, to make the mundane special because we're together. To come home to one another. To create a home together. It's what we can't wait to do for forever together.

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kels said...

not gonna lie... this made me tear up a bit. fighting back jealously. ;) you are blessed!