Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Power of a Pin

I've mentioned before that when I began wedding planning I honestly wasn't sure what all I wanted for our day. I didn't have an "insert groom here" type of binder with my wedding all planned out. That said, with my personality and a relatively short engaged (6.5 months), when I discovered what we loved, that was it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't waffle on decisions - venues, dresses, readings, they were all set in stone once they were chosen. There was only one thing that I pulled a switcheroo on, though, and that was the flowers for me and my lovely maids.

It's hard to fathom what all the bride of the future will be able to utilize when planning her wedding. Already, we have SO much information at our fingertips between blogs and Pinterest, it was nearly overwhelming. Southern Weddings Blog, Style Me Pretty and Pinterest were, in fact, wonderful tools along the way as we selected and planned our day. Early on in the process I decided that all of the ladies would carry fresh, pink peonies. I ooh'd, aah'd and pinned bouquet after bouquet of the lush floral, until, one day, about 2 months out from my own trip down the aisle that, frankly, I was sick of the dang things. I had known YEARS ago that I wouldn't allow a single rose to adorn our venues, but other than that, I thought I was set on peonies. 

Funny how the power of the interwebs became a deterrent to my once-beloved petals. Instead, our WONDERFUL florist (Lynette from The Bloom Room, for you lovely ladies in and around Asheville and Charlotte) and I opted to have my maids carry bouquets of lambs ear, tulips, and a few peonies wrapped in burlap, while I carried a behemoth of a bouquet comprised entirely of bright, fresh, gorgeous pink tulips wrapped in champagne ribbon and bedecked with a broach of my own. I was stunned by the beauty and vibrancy of my bouquet. I was also entirely impressed by the sheer size and weight of it. At a certain point in our ceremony, the hubbers even leaned over and quietly and sweetly said, "You're trembling." I looked right back at home and whispered serenely, "This bouquet is so freakin' heavy." I'm so glad that Pinterest's over abundance of all things peonies swayed me to carry tulips down the aisle. Their drooping and multi-petaled sweetness was just what my dress needed. And speaking of the dress, that post is up next...


Lexilooo said...

these bouquets are gorgeous!!!!

kels said...

absolutely stunning. great decision! it fits you perfectly.