Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Upgrades (or the Honey, Do List)

The fella has found himself with quite a bit of free time on his hands of late, and rather than sit and twiddle his thumbs or watch more of The Office - neither of us has ever really watched this show, but we are so hooked on the reruns. I have everyone DVR'd, and we watch them like crazy... hysterical! How did I miss that memo - he has decided to help make a few (a lot) of major... errr... minor tweaks around my townhouse. The list runs the gamut of new fixtures, crown moulding, insulation, etc, etc. Being the ambitious lad that he is, he decided to tackle the biggest project first: My bathroom.

My bathroom is none too grand... a mere 36 square feet or so, but it housed a major problem - peeling ceilings. I don't mean a little flaking here and there, but major holes. My townhouse was built in the '30s, and one of the things that was most appealing was the charm and character - original hardwoods, plaster walls, the slanting foundation (ha) - the bathroom has zero ventilation, so the ceiling has begun to fall away in places due to the steam and moisture from 80 years worth of showers. Add to that that my once pristine Carolina blue (GO PACK!) walls are now enjoying speckles of white and nastiness, precisely zilch in the storage department, and it was time to call in the big guns. Enter the fella.

He has spent this week scraping, plastering, spackling, sanding and painting. I can't wait for the finished product, and I should have taken more (read: any) before pictures, but alas, I have not. The progress so far is impressive - smooth ceilings, primed walls, a shelving plan (I'm obsessed with shelves at the moment... and, apparently, parentheses) and more. Last night we ventured out to the hardware store. I had in mind a smoky gray-blue color for the new walls with white, lacquered corner shelves adorned with baskets and mason jars. Every time I ran my eyes over the paint chips, they kept falling upon a bright yet dark and bold turquoise color. Such a tiny space deserves some pop, so I caved, and now I can't wait to see Benjamin Moore Peacock Blue coating my tiny toilette. Pictures to come, assuredly, but for now, a few shots of Peacock Blue in other afters (please note that even Blair and Serena approve):

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Elizabeth said...

LOVE this color CB :) can't wait to see more pics!