Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kassel & Kate!

Two of my sweet friends have brainstormed, worked and created their own corner of the interwebs called Kassel & Kate. This sweet site is as refreshing as it is fun. Hurry over and give them a follow! And while I piece together a little entry recapping my wonderful 25th birthday, check out this message from Kassel (aka Lobster, for those who have been around my blog for a bit) herself:

Greeting from Kassel and Kate! We are so excited that our good friend at Polka Dots & Protein Bars suggested we reach out to all you fabulous readers! Here’s the scoop: we started an online magazine in hopes of raising awareness about real life questions that boggle the minds of everyday women.

Stop on by and read our daily blog plus our monthly issue featuring three articles based on a central theme, and look out for other fun stuff like giveaways! Check out our August Issue that just came out where we discuss that old back-to-school feeling of starting over. And you’ve got to enter our giveaway, especially those in Charlotte, for a $50 gift certificate to Fresh Salon!

We are thrilled to be taking this journey and are just as excited to share it with you. With that, we will leave you with our mission statement, and hope to see you soon!

As two professional women, we have been overwhelmed with the hypocrisy of our culture in all seasons of our life. From dating and marriage, to children and work, women across our area not only try to live up to a standard set by an imaginary body, but hold each other to a standard that we ourselves cannot reach. We are here to present the truth, to dispel the myths, and encourage women of all ages to be real. Join us in this crusade of love for the pure and genuine.

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