Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cobweb Dusting

Okay. This absence from the blog is done. Finished. Over. I'm back, and even if I have nothing to write about, I'm going to write. So. There's a fair warning.

Here's what's been happening since the last update.
- I turned 25.
- I lost 18 pounds.
- Joined in on a surprise party for Little.
- I decided that I hated fixing my hair, and I started wearing it in a bun every single day.
- I decided that was lame and tried to start fixing it again.
- Gave that up after two days.
- Started trying again. I'll keep you posted.
- Agonized over whether to cut my hair or learn to love it long.
- Had many thoughts that had more depth than that.
- Fell in love even more with the fella.
- Started making life plans with the fella.
- Got to spend lots of time with my sis over the summer.
- Bought some new clothes.
- Started making clothes again after a months-long hiatus.
- Celebrated the Lobster's engagement last week!

And because people comment more when there are pictures... here are a couple from my mom's birthday dinner!


Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

That is so funny....people DO comment more when there are pictures. Sometimes I just post a picture with a caption. Maybe that will help with your posts?? Scary how boring life can be. Welcome back!

kels said...

for the record, I would have commented with or without photos. :) and girl, you are just looking phenom!! so happy life is grand for you.

Elizabeth said...

CB - you look SO good :)

Lexilooo said...

your hair looks great long! I wish mine would grow faster, I love putting it into a bun!