Monday, August 15, 2011


One of my first Hems & Hers Return pieces I made was this lovely little trapeze frock with a deep-V back accented with a sweet, little bow and quirky ampersand print. I wore it to Little's surprise fete, and I loved how light, breezy and comfortable it was. Today I'm wearing it at work topped with a white denim jacket and long gold necklace.

One of my amazingly fabulous coworkers who is eight months pregnant (and seriously the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen. Ever.) immediately commented on how comfy that would be for housing a baby bump. She's right. It would be perfect for the maternity set. Later in the morning I asked her if/when she'd be getting maternity pictures taken. Conveniently, she and her sweet hubs are getting them today, but she was fretting about what to wear. Jokingly, I told her she should try on my dress and wear it. So, away to the bathroom we went for a little fitting. The dress was perfect on her. PERFECT. I was so excited that she would be able to wear it for the shoot and told her to keep it as a baby gift from me.

I slipped it back on to wear for the remainder of the day (I work for a church. Nudity is not work appropriate), smiling that I could be a little part of this special experience. Then I realized that my non-maternity dress perfectly fit the bod of a woman eight months pregnant. Le sigh.

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