Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm really loving the menswear trend popping up everywhere this season. When I was in New York this weekend I stopped into a shoe store in Soho and fell heads over heels (pun intended) in love with this pair of oxfords from Miz Mooz. Unfortunately, I felt that the $90 price tag just wasn't really reasonable for a fairly trendy piece. With a heavy heart (and despite the pleas from the salesgirl to help her make commission) I left them on the shelf. I spent the rest of the weekend kicking myself (pun intended) for passing them up.Until I found these puppies on ModCloth. While I probably love the Miz Mooz pair a smidge more, the $50 difference in price easily covered the affinity gap. I can wait to get these on my tootsies!


USCEmily said...

I can't wait to see what you pair those with. I would look like a fool, but I know you will pull them off oh-so-cutely!

Elizabeth said...

saw you working on this post!! =) SO enjoyed our lunch today! Let's make it a regular date puh-lease!! Gotta go before someone pops over my shoulder and catches me! Love you!