Monday, May 24, 2010

Swimwear Swoon

Next Wednesday my family is headed to St. Thomas to spend five days in paradise. We're staying in a gorgeous villa on Cowpet Bay, and the views from the balcony seem breathtaking. We went to the Florida Keys last year, and we were definitely underwhelmed, but we're confident that St. Thomas will blow us away in the same vein of Turks & Caicos, where we spent almost a week two years ago.In honor of the Caribbean getaway, I ordered this suit from Victoria's Secret. I'm always skeptical of their fit, and I was scared the underwire would make it look too much like a bra, but it arrived this weekend, and I am pleasantly surprised. I LOVE this suit, and the print is just to die for.


USCEmily said...

So jealous you are going to St. Thomas! Y'all will have so much fuN! And the swimsuit is so cute!!
I've never ordered a bathing suit from Vic. Secret, but I want a new one for our beach trip in July. Are they pretty true to size?

QueenBeeSwain said...

well, when you write about your pre trip pedi, I'll officially be green with envy... nothing like a new bikini AAAAAAND amazing fam trip! you will have to have a moment for me since I'm a St Thomas gal ;)



The Shabby Princess said...

OK. OK. OK!!! St. Thomas is one of my all time favorite places EVER. I just love it. It's heaven on earth. You will have an amazing time. You'll need to post a ton of pictures so I can live vicariously through you, k?? :)