Tuesday, November 3, 2009

By Request

Sweet Sis got onto me this afternoon about my recent lack of posting. She's completely right, and I've been giving myself a brain drain trying to decide what could be considered worthwhile enough to send out to the Internet masses. Unfortunately I still have absolutely nothin'. Clearly my life is in a bit of transition right now, and trying to figure out where the pieces will fall is admittedly unnerving for a control freak perfectionist such as myself.

I spent a significant amount of time in Madame P's office yesterday afternoon deciding what my career path might look like, and coming to the realization that perhaps my future isn't with my current company. We discussed the fact that I'm not feeling passionate about or connected to what I do anymore (and as such have completely detached myself), and that I'm feeling a yearning for a more purposeful career. I know how I would like for that to manifest itself, and so does Madame P; however, I'm being humbled and broken once again as the Lord reminds me that His timing is sovereign and by trying to create plans on my own and force opportunities, I am essentially telling God that I don't trust Him. Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse for a reason, my friends. I am so blessed beyond anything I deserve.

In another PD&PB news, not everything is heavy and sullen in my life. In fact, I spent a lovely lunch hour sweating alongside a very large woman who insisted on working out in a t-shirt, her underwear and a shower cap (we were on cardio machines in the women's locker room, so I guess she had some justification... maybe?!). She was very intimidating, and I would have gotten a picture had I not been afraid that she would break me if she saw.


QueenBeeSwain said...

one day at a time dear, one day at a time.

and if nothing else, you have to believe that your life is a bit more put together than your new workout friend's is! good grief!


Rachel H. said...

I can understand your situation about career path...I'm facing that, as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You go from quoting scripture to making fun of someone who is at least trying to improve. Unfortunate choice of clothing; however, if it assaulted your senses that badly, maybe you could have found a different machine. I'm just really glad you did not take and post a picture because that is not a nice thing to do. She wouldn't have had to "break" you, because behavior like that would mean you're already broken.

Please. Just think about it for a minute. I'm sure there is scripture about treating people--even unattractive ones--as you would like to be treated. I'm not trying to be mean to you, but I do think it's something worth thinking about.

Thanks for "hearing" me out.

The New Mrs said...

I am the same way... My posting has been a lot more sporadic recently and it's because i just cant think of very many interesting topics to post on.. But I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Black Labs and Lilly said...

The career dilema is one that I struggle with too! I wish it was as easy as something just jumping out at you, but alas it hasn't happend yet!