Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To 'Do or Not To 'Do

This past Friday I ventured to my local salon for a trial run of my wedding hair. Naturally, even the fact that I called it a "trial run" was misleading, since I really didn't have a specific direction of what I was looking for. My biggest wedding day concern is that I feel like myself, but I want to feel gorgeous, as well.

I always thought I'd wear my hair down and loose on my wedding day, but after trying on my dress with it both down and up, I realized that I liked it much more with my neck bare. Although I wear my hair piled in a messy bun on top of my head fairly frequently, I've never had an actual up do done. In fact, I never once got my hair professionally done for any of the four proms I attended or any sorority formals in college.

Before going to my trial I decided that I wanted to see both up dos and half-up-half-down styles. Unfortunately I intentionally didn't bring any pictures (I wanted to see what my sweet stylist would do without just replicating a photo) and didn't communicate very well. Ultimately we didn't land on a style that perfect, and I also left without much clarification about the type of coif I want on April 14. I definitely feel more myself with my hair half-up, but up dos can feel special. Here's my ultimate pro's/con's list as well as a few picture inspirations (Thanks for the all the help with your prettiness, Dianna Agron). How did you wear your hair for your wedding? How do you wish you'd worn it? How do you want to wear it on your wedding day?

Up Do Pros:
Feels formal and elegant
Feels special and unique
Stays out of your face
My post-veil reception headband will frame an up do nicely

Up Do Cons:
Can feel very prom-y
Can feel very stiff and overly sprayed
Doesn't feel natural for me

Half Up Pros:
Tends to look relaxed and natural
Feels feminine and romantic
Feels like me

Half Up Cons:
Could look very stringy by the end of the night
My tendency for heavy sweating could cause it stick to my neck and be very uncomfortable
Could feel too every day


CTC said...

I wore my hair up--it was nice not to have to mess with it all evening! Downside was taking out about a million bobbypins...but it was worth it for me!

Heather said...

Personally, I vote for half up because it seems like you'll be more comfortable that way and feel more like yourself. Your dress, the day itself, etc will provide the "different"-ness; you don't need your hair to be different too. Of course, that being said, I am sure up would look lovely too!!