Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The List

With our wedding swiftly approaching (a mere 67 days according to our Knot site), we're quickly finalizing our guest list. I've started addressing envelopes, and naturally everyone who received a Save the Date will be also receiving an invitation; however, we compiled a secondary list of possible invitees who didn't receive a little STD from us (teehee) but were still in the running for an invitation. The list included old friends from high school, close acquaintances from church and various and sundry other miscellaneous relationships. My first instinct is to invite everyone - I want our wedding to feel warm, inviting and welcoming, but budgets tell me otherwise.

Last week, Little and I had a meeting with our florist and chased that with a trip to our favorite tapas restaurant for wine and a quick bite. Immediately upon entering I spotted an old friend who was solidly on our maybe list, with perhaps a bend toward the "Yes" column. My immediate reaction was to hide from her. I didn't want to do stilted small talk, and for some reason the thought of an interaction with her made me cringe. So. I hid. And hid. Until she'd left the establishment. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Little. "I guess the basic guideline is not invite someone I'd prefer to hide from in public." So, we have that to go on now.

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Heather said...

Ha. This cracks me up. I agree with your new approach.