Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just a Splash

I've recently developed a "get ready" routine that I'm pretty in love with. Dose of vitamins and zinc, shower, deodorant, a few spritzes of Philosophy's Inner Grace, Rodan & Fields Unblemish 3-step routine, make up, blow dry, out the door. Clothes and bed-making are somewhere in there too. But beauty-wise, this is the pattern of activities

A small non sequitur here, I have a pattern that I repeat verbatim every morning when I get to my desk. I open 7 internet tabs and pull up in this order: People, EOnline, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Southern Weddings, Facebook, Wells Fargo, and Kassel & Kate. I never, ever read them in that order, but it's how I open them. Only when I'm finished with Cupcakes & Cashmere do I also open tabs, always in the same order, for Us Weekly, The Glamourai, Eat Live Run,Making It Lovely, Day Old News, Style Me Pretty and Can You Stay For Dinner. It may take me hours to read them all, but it's the same routine. Every. Single. Day. OCD, much?

Another fun (or actually not that fun at all) fact about me: I love to throw away empty bottles. I wish I could figure out where this stems from, but I find a personal victory in completely finishing a product and throwing it away. I got extremely excited recently when I realized that my Inner Grace was nearly depleted (probably both my perfume and actual inner grace seeing as my love for people has been nearly tapped out this week). I started adding an extra squirt to my morning application to quickly get to the bottom. Once I had gotten to the point where I wasn't able to spray any out, I simply removed the applicator, poured a small amount in my hand and splashed it on myself. Obviously my enthusiasm to empty the bottle outweighed proper discernment as I've spent the past two days in a bath of Inner Grace (a terrible thing, really?). But this morning, victory was mine as the empty bottle landed in a clank and thud of joy in the bottom of my trash can. It really is the little things, is it not?


Belle on Heels said...

I got such a chuckle out of this, because I am TOTALLY the same way about empty bottles. Such a weird sense of accomplishment, but I relish it. Glad I'm not alone!!

Kassel and Kate said...

We open your blog first thing too :)

Heather said...

That is so cute and funny about the empty bottles!

kels said...

I'm that way with lotion bottles! I think when I was younger, I used to snatch them up whenever I loved their scent... so I had quite the collection of bottles, only partially used. Now whenever I empty one, I just feel so proud and not at all like I'm hoarding skin products. A great feeling indeed.