Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This week the fella and I are traversing through New England - a trip I bestowed upon on him on his birthday... the night he proposed. We spent Sunday night and Monday in Boston where we got to enjoy the charm and shops along Newbury Street, pumpkin beers with one of the fella's oldest friends, and a delightful and equally delicious dinner with Queen Bee Swain in Harvard Square. We also stole a couple of smooches in the Public Garden.

We're now comfortably settled in Alfred, ME enjoying the beautiful views and chilly temperatures with the fella's sister. We took a tour of the fella's hometown of Portland yesterday, and I have no doubt that the next few days will be equally relaxing, cozy and wonderful. During our trip the fella and I celebrated our nine monthiversary. Had you asked me a year ago what I thought the ideal length of a relationship prior to an engagement should be, I probably would have scoffed at anything less than a year. The Lord, however, works in magical ways, and in less than six months I'll tying the knot with this gift and blessing. In the meantime, I'll be relishing every last drop of homemade "LOBSTAH" stew I can devour.

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