Saturday, October 8, 2011

Defining "Us"

One of my favorite parts about planning the wedding so far has been perusing wedding blogs and Pinterest with an actual purpose. Instead of browsing from afar, I feel connected and relevant to the gorgeous imagery.

The fella and I haven't had so easy of a time nailing down how to describe the type of day that we're looking to create. The church we've found is gorgeous, traditional, perfect. The reception venue is industrial, rustic, airy and a blank canvas. So. What does that mean? The best we can do is describe it as Classic With Touches of Whimsy... Whimsically Classic, if you will. Or perhaps, Classically Whimsical. Who knows.

We know what we like; we know that we want to feel like ourselves; we know that we want our day to be anything but stuffy. We don't want a seated dinner; we want our guests to have the freedom to float and mingle, munch and sip. We don't want the awkward middle school dance feeling that tends to appear until the group feels comfortable enough to brave the dance floor, so we'll offer alternatives (read: homemade cornhole sets for some indoor revelry). We want tasteful, classy, laid back, fresh, young, elegant, warm, airy and "us." We don't want to be cheesy, cliche or overly trendy, but we want personal touches to fill the day. It's hard to define ourselves, but we have had a good time discovering each other together. The only things we're different pages about at the moment are a reception photo booth (the fella would love one, I am not convinced yet) and a first dance song (we're not in disagreement about this, necessarily, we just don't have "A Song"). We'll keep searching, and I know that in 189 days, I'll walk down the aisle and into the ceremony and be blown away, but for 188 more days, the searching is keeping me occupied and happy.

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