Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Les Maids

Honestly the least amount of fun thus far in the wedding planning process has been the selection of my merriest of maids. I asked my sweet little sister within about six minutes of the actual proposal to be my maid of honor, but the process of choosing who will stand beside me on April 14 has caused a bit of anxiety, dread and frustration. While I feel like all of the wonderful, lovely ladies I chose were locks for their respective party positions, there was still some reluctance about the whole process. While some of my bridesmaids are fairly recent friends who have quickly won a steadfast place in my heart, others have weathered many a storm with many over the years but I have grown apart from.

The fella and I knew rather quickly that we wanted a fairly small bridal party. We opted for 5 total - a maid of honor and best man and 4 other attendants each, and we spent quite a lot of time discussing what was special to us about each fellow and lady we chose. I didn't want to send a text or make a cursory call to my girls, so I purchased simple 2-photo picture frames for each one with a picture of the two of us in one slot and a pretty note requesting their presence in my party in the other. Hopefully in the spring they'll remove the note in favor of a shot from our wedding. No matter what the future holds for my friendships with each of these chickadees, it's an honor to know that they'll be celebrating with the fella and I as we celebrate our marriage this Spring!


Annie said...

Yes girl, it's so hard to choose. Kevin and I are going through the same process right now. Currently we each have 9 but I could do without one of mine. So hard.

Dixie Bell Designs said...

I just got engaged as well... and had a tough time choosing! I didn't want to make anyone upset for not choosing them as well, but that is part of life I guess!!

I love the frame idea, so cute!!

DSS said...

What a clever idea!!! I have decided that if/when we get married I am not having bridesmaids. I've been in 29 weddings, and there is no way I can do it without upsetting a bunch of people. There's enough stress involved in your wedding planning...I hope that now that this is under wraps all will go smootly :)

Ya'll And Yanks said...

CAN-NOT-WAIT to be part of your big day, Sunshine! I am so honored. I heart you and David. What a special couple.