Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party Pooper

Someone is attacking me with crap.


Someone is continually leaving me gifts of feces. I can't seem to understand why I've been blessed with such presents of friendship, but quite frankly, it's worn out its (non existent) welcome.

It started with bags of crap (Crapbags) and as of this morning has evolved into poo. on. my. door. unbagged. smeared. disgrossting. I just seriously don't understand why this is happening or who's doing it, but I'm about to catch that joker brown handed and make him/her pay. Dearly. Crappily.


kLl said...

I think it is time to get a camera or sit up all night and wait for them. At some point it becomes vandalism and you can feel free to call the cops on them (if you know who it is).

carrie1 said...

That's horrible! And just plan disgusting... who does that? (well once you find out please let us know)

DSS said...

Oh gosh. That is awful! I feel like I've only seen that in movies or whatever. Sheesh...I'm sorry you are dealing with that :(

The Pink Putter said...

How awful! I hope that you catch the culprit soon. So sorry that you have to deal with this.