Monday, February 21, 2011

Accidentally In Like

So it seems that I have unintentionally narrowed my list of suitors from three until roughly one. And I also don't feel exceedingly alarmed at this result. Here's what I'd been working with.

The Pilot - sweet, handsome, generous guy. Potentially homo- or a-sexual. We've been spending time together since Thanksgiving, and he's yet to so much as hold my hand (although one night after a margarita or two, I guess he was feeling frisky and planted a big ole smooch on my cheek). He flies a lot, so he isn't in town often but asks me on great dates whenever he is. However, I think he will land safely (har har) in the friends zone.
The Chemist - funny, witty, tall, cute, albeit geeky chemistry professor with a penchant for velcro orthotics. I've enjoyed my time with him, but clearly the velcro has repelled former paramours, and he is overly enthusiastic for some lovin'. Purely the opposite of the Pilot, as it so happens, and also a major turn off for this girl. He's being shelved for now.
The Chef - I don't even really like that classification for him, but since everyone else is being categorized by occupation, that's what it will be for now. This fella has emerged from the pack as a reluctant front runner. When we first started fraternizing, I expressed bluntly that I had no desire to be interested in him. He'd dated several girls from church, and I didn't want to be another underline in his Bible, so to speak. He respected that, and thusly we began spending time together. And then more time together. And then he started winning out when I had multiple offers for dates. So without meaning to - in fact, actually meaning to do the complete opposite - I've fallen in like with The Chef. Funny, sarcastic, smart, driven, and kind, it appears that he's won out.


Miss Sweet Tea said...

yay, good for you! go chef :)

The Shabby Princess said...

Not gonna lie, I was pulling for The Pilot, because, come on, why not?! But, am thrilled that you've fallen in like with The Chef. Eeps! Can't wait to hear more about him.


Heather said...

This seems like a good development!

DSS said...

AND...he's a chef! The best part.

Just kidding.

I'm tickled pink for you, love. Just tickled pink. Do tell us more about your adventures with The Chef.

And BTW...I often find that the ones I write off a bit quickly sometimes come back around to be "the ones". Funny how that works...