Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Match Project Day 2

- My profile has been viewed 122 times
- I've been "winked" at 34 times
- I've received 17 emails

- There are very many unfortunate looking people occupying the online dating space.
- I've become very self conscious that browsers think I'm more attractive than most people online.
- I've become very paranoid that I need to show that I'm not a boring loser.
- I actually am kind of boring.
- I'm terrible at writing an appealing online dating bio.
- I don't necessarily feel all that bad about that.
- I feel really bad when I don't respond to someone's "winks" or "emails."
- I'm learning that ignoring them is crucial to not being inundated by creepy messages.

Day 2 has been interesting in this Match Project. Most of the messages I've gotten have been really lame. Such as, "Your face is pretty." Duh. "I'm from Charlotte too." Yeah, I see that on your profile, but thanks for letting me know. "I'm single." I would hope so.

The fact that I'm fairly normal and don't have any obvious facial deformities seems to be a plus in terms of cyber popularity. I've been asked four times if I like playing video games. I have to dance lightly around this subject. Sure, I enjoy video games (Wii and original Nintendo), but I know that answering yes will open myself up to a whole world of Halo and Dungeons & Dragons that I'd much rather avoid.

I have gotten two fairly quality correspondences going. One with the guy I went to high school with that doesn't seem to remember me. I have since decided that that's a good thing. I went and looked at some pictures of myself from high school, and I have upgraded greatly. I haven't told him that we know each other yet. I feel like that's some sort of set up for a generic rom-com. I hope so. Everyone loves a good romantic comedy plot twist.

The second legit-ish message went something like this:

"What do you call a gingerbread man with one leg?
Limp biscuit."

If he were less attractive it would probably hit the trash, but I'm pretty shallow, so I'll appreciate the humor attempt. And it is kind of funny. Not "LOL" funny, but crack a smile funny. His profile says that the last book he read was a joke book. I guess he's just proving that? If he's a joke cracker in real life, that will get old reallllly fast.

There's been no reappearance from my friend with the equestrian fetish, so things are looking up.


The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

ahhhhhhhh I love match! I've met sooo many guys and have been on a ton of dates. the attention is fun, but yeah not too many cute ones on there. good luck!

REBrown said...

I'm such a loser...I loved the limp biscuit comment.


The Shabby Princess said...

I thought the limp biscuit thing was funny. At least he's trying to be semi funny/creative.

I might have to post the story about the guy I met online dating while in college. It hurts my soul to even remember. Oh Lordy.

Totally. That will be my post tomorrow. It will make you feel better. Trust.

DSS said...

Reading this is making me want to sign back up!! As depressing as it was, it surely was entertaining. I'll bet there are bunches of single guys in Charlotte :)

BunnyB said...

34 winks and 17 emails in two days?!? You should be THRILLED! That's great! I've actually done match as well in another city and met one of the best men I've ever dated. Granted we are no longer together, I am a bit proponent of the site.