Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Ring-Lift

Yesterday was a great day. I had a little breather in the eye of the Easter hurricane, so I had the opportunity to spend the evening with the fella running some errands, purchasing our toasting glasses (Waterford Colleen Essence champagne flutes) and cake cutting knife (Kate Spade Bow Dessert Set), completing a hot yoga class together (his first... and he swears he loves it... and I finally purchased my own mat, so I didn't have to continue battling the elbow-herpes-rashes I got from borrowing the Y's mats) and polishing off some open-face-egg-vocado-cheese goodness. Perhaps the most exciting part of the day was getting my engagement ring back! We decided several weeks ago that we'd like to have the ring reset. It's his mom's, which we love, but it was a set that included an engagement ring, wedding band, and anniversary band. So we took the top and bottom band off, rest the center stones and purchased an actual wedding band. I'm so thrilled with the results. It looks fresh and delicate, and now the fella can slip a band on my finger at the alter. Single digit countdown now, people!

Ring Before:

Ring Now:


The Pink Putter said...


Have a Happy Easter!


Annie said...

Sounds like yall had a fun day! Love the simplicity of your ring now.