Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Well, you know how I think I'm a yogi? Friday night I tried to show my mom and baby sis (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINY SISTER) how well I could crow. I was wearing a dress and chunky jewelry and got too much forward thrust going into the pose. I fell forward as my necklace was flying up and got a resulting bloody cut on my forehead. 8 days before the wedding. The only upside was that I happened to have a box of sequin Cynthia Rowley Bandaids on hand (thanks, couponing!) to close up the wound. I've spent the past few days marinating my injury in Neosporin, and now, 4 days out, I'm nearly healed. But. Still. Le sigh.

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kels said...

i couldn't help but laugh at this story! and especially since it's healing nicely. :) maybe you should just stay in a little bubble the next few days?